How to Start Taking Risks

How to Start Taking Risks (& Playing Big)

Concept of risk in business

How does your fear of losing money hold you back?

I struggle with taking risks and leaving my comfort zone behind.

To the outside world it looks like I'm a natural risk taker, which is so far from the truth.

I've had to learn to embrace uncertainty and change because we can't achieve our dreams without getting out of our comfort zone and risking something.

And lets be honest, increasing our income will often require us to take a risk - spend money to go back to school, open a business, start investing etc.  

Knowing how to handle risk is an essential part of the personal finance journey.

Whenever I find myself too scared to leave my comfort zone, I self coach.

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If you're feeling scared of taking risks, spend a few minutes asking yourself these 4 questions:

1. How's my fear of losing money or failing at [insert project/ situation] holding me back right now?

2. Who would I be without this fear?

3. Who would I be if my enthusiasm about this new venture outweighed my fear and anxiety?

4. What becomes possible when I release this fear?

Don't rush the answers, sit with each question for as long as it takes for the answer to come.

Trust your subconscious mind to give you the answers when it's ready.

How is your fear of losing money holding you back?

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