How to Release Anger at God & Celebrate Friends’ Successes

Releasing anger at God

I recently received an awesome question from a reader about releasing anger at God and allowing ourselves to celebrate others’ success. I really loved the question and decided to share the question and the answer on the blog.


Wealthy Money Tribe Member Question


Good Evening Sis Vangile, can I ask you a question?

Have you ever been angry with God?

I’m a graduate from TUT. I got my diploma in BTech but for the past 3yrs I’ve been job hunting with no luck.

It upsets me when I see other people getting good jobs, some with fewer qualifications than me. Some people are even drop outs, but they get good jobs that they don’t even qualify for.

How do I free myself from this anger and how do I celebrate with other people for their success?

Please advice how to deal with this anger.

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Response to Question


I used to get angry with God/ Universe/ Source all the time. Little did I know that the anger was blocking my success on an energetic and behavioral level.

I envied and silently resented my friends for their success.

I spent 4 good years being angry, depressed and anxious about not getting a job.

Even when I had an MBA and had published the book and it became a bestseller, noone would hire me.

Last year, I thought it’d be great to get a part time job that paid me more money, as I continued to build Wealthy Money.

The idea was that a high paying part time job would help me pay back my student loans faster (within the next 3 years).

And you know what?

No one wanted to hire me despite everything I was doing, or because of it.

Apparently now I'm too busy, too well know, too entrepreneurial etc.

At least that's what recruiters and HR people told me. True story!

Luckily I’m used to being rejected for jobs but I've also learned something from all the years – to trust in the journey and create other opportunities.

Thanks to the rejection from employers, I was forced to create opportunities, which led me to pay off my student loans 3 years earlier than I'd originally intended or visualized.

This definitely wouldn’t have happened if I'd gotten a high paying part time job because I would’ve been too tired and too busy to focus on Speaking or launching the eCourse.

So why am I telling you this?


every curse can be a blessing and every blessing can be a curse depending on how we view it


Life is unfolding as it should; it's what you do with the unfolding that matters.

What's to say your lack of employment isn’t the greatest gift God ever gave you?

If someone had hired me or given me a job in my field over the years, I wouldn't be a writer, I’d still be dreaming of writing (I always thought I'd start writing in my 40s).

I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur and I'd still have student loans because I wouldn’t have extra streams of income that allowed me to pay them off faster.


Meet the universe/ God halfway - take constant action


Trust in yourability to make your dreams a reality. If we don't believe in our dreams, why must others believe in them?

Look for jobs outside your field or even jobs that pay less because those jobs aren't the end result for you, they're just stepping stones to the job you really want.

Ask some of those friends that are doing so well for help - to introduce you to some key decision makers in the company and keep networking. Use the resources at your disposal.

Write down what you're looking for in a job on a piece of paper, with salary expectations, duties, work hours and your ideal boss and keep visualizing, have faith that the things you want are coming to you, but also take constant action.

Apply in different industries and even jobs you never considered. If it's interesting try it out.

If you get to the interview and it feels right, you like the people and they offer you the job, take it even if it's not the industry you wanted.

But keep visualizing your ideal job and be open to exploring what’s out there.


How to release anger and jealousy


1. Meditate or simply observe the emotion in your body


  • Set the alarm for 15 minutes,
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on where you feel the anger and/or jealousy in your body and just sit with it
  • Observe the anger or jealousy without reacting to it
  • Just sit and see what comes up, try not to move your body too much because you want to get your deepest mind to accept the emotions and release them
  • When your alarm goes off in 15 minutes, say a thank you prayer and ask to heal the anger/ jealousy
  • Do this every day with any emotion that feels intense, keep doing it, until you start to feel a shift internally. You will know when the shift happens


2. Journaling


Journal first thing in the morning or last thing at night, just half a page or a full page; allow yourself to write down your thoughts and emotions without editing. Don't read what you wrote until the next day. This isn't a writing execise, it's a therapeutic exercises. 


How do you deal with anger towards God and envy towards friends?

I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section below.