How to Feel Abundant Everyday


I did a 3 peaks challenge in Cape Town, where I climbed 2.5 mountains in one day and I'm still in pain.

I was supposed to climb 3 mountains but I climbed 2 (Table Mountain and Devil's Peak) and only got halfway up the third one (Lion's Head) before I called it quits.

 I’m glad I did it because at least now I know my potential as a hiker.


Taking the first step to anything is always difficult


The hike reminded me a lot about my journey to change my finances.

When I was asked to do the 3 Peaks, I thought up various ways to get out of it and when I couldn't because I'd given my word, I resigned myself to my fate.

When I arrived in the morning, it all seemed so impossible and it looked like it'd take forever.

And just like when I was climbing the mountain, I kept complaining and asking why the heck I was making all these financial changes.

A few years later, I’m grateful I made those changes even though at the time it seemed ridiculous.

It's the same with the hike - I was stiff for a few days but it's been fun talking to friends about it and seeing them laugh at the insanity. 


How can changing the way we feel about money help us create abundance?


Abundance and money management is a mind-set.

It’s easier to see opportunities and take advantage of these opportunities if we believe in ourselves and our own abilities or if we believe in an abundant universe with unlimited resources.

Changing the way we feel and think about money changes the way we behave with money, which in turn changes our financial behavior.

Changing our financial behavior – increasing savings and investing is what leads to wealth creation and abundance.

See more in this video interview I did with Janet Aizenstros: