How to Repair & Improve Your Credit Score

Credit Karma
Credit Karma

My credit history sucks.

This is the first time in my adult life that I've been debt free but I learned the hard way that being debt free doesn't lead to a good credit score.

Unfortunately for me, I learned this as I was in the process of buying my apartment, which added another 6 months to the entire process because I had to take time out to improve my credit report and credit score.


How to repair or improve your credit score


This is the topic that we explore in this week's episode of #WealthyMoneyTV with my guest, Meyer De Waal:

00:30 - Welcome Meyer

1:42 - What's a credit report and how does a credit report impact your credit score?

2:49 - Why do credit scores matter and what do you consider to be a good credit score?

5:42 - How do you build and repair your credit? What's the deal with credit amnesty?


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Do you know your credit score?

Are you in the process of repairing your credit score and how is it going?