The First Action I Took To Become Debt Free & Staying So

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Sometimes, like the last few weeks, I get myself into a knot because things aren't going the way I want them to.

But then after a while, I get back to my centre and I think, “Wow, I can’t believe how far I've come and that my entire life’s drama is around building a company and travelling.”

And that’s when I go from upset to grateful because I still remember what it’s like to contemplate taking my own life because I couldn't see my way out of my debt.

I was convinced I’d spend my whole life paying of debt and struggling.


The First Action I Took To Become Debt Free


Meditation helped me with my depression and my intense emotions towards money.

But the one action that actually changed everything for when it came to debt was the decision to start honouring ALL my commitments - my word and promises to myself and others.

One day I sat down and made myself a promise – I’d stop promising to do financial and non-financial things I knew I had no intention of following through with.

I realised, that my debt was a reflection of how I lived my whole life.

I’d think nothing of agreeing to meet with a friend somewhere and then cancelling at the last minute or not even bothering to show.

So obviously there was a part of me that thought nothing about buying something on credit and never paying.

I also realized something important from a spiritual perspective we create with our thoughts, words and actions and every time I promised to do something and didn’t follow through, I created a debt in the universe that was showing up in the material plane through my finances.


Join Me on the Teleclass Tomorrow To Learn How I Went From Debt To Freedom


Topics I'll be covering during the class:

1. Understanding the spirit of debt

2. How do we keep ourselves connected to the spirit of debt

3. What thoughts and/or emotions keep us in debt

4. What financial behaviors keep attracting debt into our lives

5. Practical steps we can take to become debt free and remain so