Why Commitment is the Key to Financial Wellbeing

Why commitment is the key to financial wellbeing

Last week I wrote about how I only had 29 days (22 days, now) to pack up my life and find a new place or country to live.

I'm slowly becoming aware that 2017 is a different type of year for me. I suspect it may be a new breed of year but at least it's been fun so far.

Since getting the news, I’ve been redoing the Creating Money Magic course and using the Spirit of Money meditations to help me understand next steps I have to take.

I’ve pretty much decided to head to Dubai for April and meet with the yoga studios I’m hosting workshops at and also connect with bloggers out there.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons about money during the meditations:


1. Money hates doubt

Lately in my spirit of money meditations I have been talking to 2 Indian Goddesses - Saraswati and Lakshmi. They have pretty much shown up in every meditation for the last 2 weeks and it's been bomb!

In a recent conversation with Lakshmi she was really annoyed to see me and uninterested and wasn't feeling me.

She went into this whole explanation of how money hates people that doubt it - it's like a lover, if you doubt their abilities, they lose confidence and stop doing what they may have done if you truly showed them support.

So she told me to cut the s*** and just commit to either act on the advice I was being given in the meditations or commit to using logic and playing safe.

Neither is wrong, but I need to commit and stick by that commitment because the indecision is causing an energetic block, which can block money.

When we commit to something, we have to trust ourselves to make it happen and that we will be fine but we also have to trust money.

Of course I was like - okay I will go with the crazy scary advice for what's next for my life and ride this roller coaster cos logic isn't exactly my strong point.


2. You can focus on expansion or you can focus on safety, both are fine

My spirit of money keeps reminding me that I get to ask for the things I want. I can ask - I may not get them, but I can ask.

But what I cannot always have is expansion and comfort.

i. I can be safe, happy and comfortable and that's fine. Life can give me that, because comfort is the known and that is safe and that is fine. It's my choice and money will honor that choice and still show up in safe and predictable and planned ways.


ii. I can have expansion and that is the unknown, jumping off the deep end and it will be scary and far from comfortable and money will show up accordingly too. If I get stuck in the fear then that will impact the flow of money, if I step into excitement that would also impact the flow of money.

Neither path is wrong because everything in life is here for my learning. I get to ask for what I want.

3. To reach your financial goals, you focus on the things that will bring money into your life

Being busy doesn't mean being productive, productivity can be tied to our bank account. So prioritize productivity over busyness.

Understand what daily activities will lead to an increase in your bank account every month. And then do those religiously, every day.

Being busy for the sake of busy is actually a drain on our energies.

4. Understand your value

So this keeps coming up in my meditations - since I made my decision of what to do next and where to go, it’s not just about knowing your value, it’s about understanding it intimately and being able to articulate it because this impacts income in a big way.

The exact words have been: you are tapping into Goddess energy and every Goddess knows her power and owns it and doesn't apologize for it.

Clearly I'm still working on that but I gotta work hella fast cause I'm on a timeline and leave for Dubai in a few weeks.

5. Consistency is what leads to freedom

Phew! Actually this has been more like a year-long lesson since 2016 and is tied to understanding the importance of fully committing to a path.

To change our lives and up level, we need take consistent action and to be consistent in the things we do and we have to be very careful about what we're being consistent with, which links back to point number 1.

This is something my spirit of money, keeps reminding me.

What would your finances look like if you listened to your inner voice and committed to your goals and a path in your life? Comment below!