The Most Important Financial & Spiritual Lesson I've Learned

The wedding was beautiful; the exchange of the vows is done.


 But since Indian weddings last a few days, there are still more ceremonies and dinners…

The bottom line is we all had fun.

I left Dehli yesterday for Rishikesh to come get some work done and prepare for the teleclass.

 Stepping into Hippie Vegas

 Rishikesh is like stepping into Hippie Vegas – every other building or shop is an ashram, meditation center, palm reading/ astrology/ ayuveda practice, yoga studio etc.



I’m finding it very overwhelming and would rather sit, watch the Ganges River and work.

 Until I came here I had no clue just how content I am practising vipassana meditation and just being in this moment.

 I’m learning to stop doing and just be.

 I’m trusting of my journey in this moment. This was lesson 1.

 The Most Important Lesson: Stop thinking there'll always be time

Last night I’d booked myself into a lovely hotel with all the bells and whistles, including room service.

 The only problem?

 The hotel hasn’t got a shower or a bath. It only has a detachable shower head and a bucket.

 My last place in Dheli had the same set up, which is why I’d booked a hotel in the first place.

 At first I thought I was just being a snob and could deal with this because I’m only here for 5 days but then I woke up in the morning and thought –

How often have I compromised on my vision and my life because I believe have the time?  

In that moment I realised that we all take time for granted – we believe that we’ll always have time.

 We know we’re eternal beings but this lifetime isn’t eternal, and yet we fool ourselves into believing that it is.

 We say – we’ll follow our dreams in another year or 2 and when a year passes, we’re still in the same position.

 Time doesn’t change anything – we’re the ones that change.

In the same way, our relationship with money; won’t miraculously change with time unless we change…

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How will your life look like 6 months from now? 12 months from now?

Can you afford to stay in the same position?

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