Why You Should Stop Undercharging for Your Services

Why You Should Stop Undercharging for Your Services

A topic that often comes up in the Money Magicians Facebook group is the topic of undercharging and how difficult it is to tell people how much we charge for our services.

When I started out as an entrepreneur I couldn't tell people what I charge, instead bought into the myth that I needed to lure people with discounts and freebies so I could "break into the market".

And you know what - it never worked!!!

Now, I just tell people my price, I don't negotiate or apologize and I only offer discounts and freebies to people that my spirit guides guide me to offer discounts to.

And guess what?

Wealthy Money has grown faster than when I was offering freebies.

How to Release Financial Trauma and Stress

Yesterday we had a #MoneyMagic live class on how to release financial stress and trauma.

The guest teacher for this Money Magic Series class was Bennie Naude, EFT Tapping trainer and coach, who does incredible work around healing past trauma.

During the class he explained to us about how our past experiences with money impact our present relationship with money and how to release past financial traumas.

We discussed:

  •  About trauma and help us rethink what we consider trauma to be
  •  How financial experiences and emotions are passed on from generation to generation
  •  How we can process and release our stories and beliefs about money
  •  How to change the way we feel about events around money in our lives
  •  How our past experiences impact our future and how to change that in the present
  •  EFT Tapping

Click on the audio below to listen to the class:

Or you can watch the video below:

Alternative Ways to Manage Anxiety

Alternative Ways to Manage Anxiety

A few weeks ago, in the Creating Money Magic group, someone asked:

“How can I handle anxiety without taking any medication?”

I chose to answer this question based on my own personal experience with anxiety and depression and how I was able to change my emotional state.

I still have anxiety because I'm human, but the anxiety is not crippling and it feels natural and manageable and the best thing is it happens once in a while and not every day.

Usually the idea of packing up my life and moving in a space of a month would unsettle me and leave me too scared and anxious to take action. So I can see a shift in the way I handle life events and feel about them as they unfold.

What connecting With My Inner Child Taught Me about My History of Depression

What connecting With My Inner Child Taught Me about My History of Depression

A few months ago I'd recorded an inner child meditation for the Creating Money Magic course and something weird happened - it disappeared. 

Students asked me what happened to it and I couldn't find it anywhere in my files, I must have deleted it from the course and my laptop