Why You Should Have A Theme For Your Year

Theme for the year
Theme for the year

When you look back at the end of 2013 what personal lessons would you like to have learned?

What phrase would you like to use to describe 2013?

I know that most of us are probably in the midst of trying to reach quarterly goals but it’s always good to tie these goals to an overall theme for our life, otherwise we just live and do everything in a routine manner.


Why Have A Theme?


My personal theme for 2013 is connecting: building lasting and unique relationships in business and in my personal life online and offline.

This is the year I get out of isolation and out of my head and start really connecting with people deeply.

I once read an article by Oprah where explains she starts her year by asking to learn a lesson for that year; I decided to start choosing a theme for the year and let the universe guide me on the lessons

In 2010 I decided that my theme would be the lesson I wanted to really understand and contemplate so I chose gratitude and appreciation for life.

Let me tell you that 2010 was one of the most amazing and worst years of my life. I would never wish that kind of year on my worst enemy but it was also the most amazing year because I was surrounded by love in every way.


My Experience Of Having A Theme


So 2010 was…a nightmare!

My working life kinda fell apart and then at the end of the year all my relationships fell apart and my friends and family faced all sorts of drama. And yet I forced myself to find something to be grateful for every day.

I started an online gratitude group with 2 friends where we would email each other 5 things we were grateful for in our lives. At first I would just write something and go through the motions but as time passed I found myself really feeling grateful for whatever I had.

It was crazy. I had no job and no income and yet I lived the most abundant life – my boyfriend at the time asked me to move in with him, supported me, I received the craziest outlandishly expensive gifts from friends and travelled all over the USA.

I remember one of my friends saying she wanted my life for a day, which was funny considering that I was unemployed and unhappy.

I learned that emotions are powerful and that what we feel has the power to impact our behaviour and what we attracted into our lives, which only reinforced my belief in the importance of emotions.


How To Choose Your Theme


Your theme can be anything you want it to be. It can be the year of more romance, the year of taking more risk or the year of forgiveness.

I know people who’ve had themes like: the year of expressing my desires, which can be life changing if you’ve never articulated what you want.

The whole concept of a theme is to have a phrase or a word that encapsulates all your goals and what you’re planning to bring into reality.

Your subconscious mind captures this and starts to process data differently to make this part of your everyday life.  Repeat this theme to yourself every morning when you wake up and see what happens.

What’s your theme for the year?

Let me know in the comments section below.