How to Calm Your Mind & Remain Present

How to remain present
How to remain present

If you want to powerfully impact the future, you have to take action in the present moment, that brings you closer to your future goal.

My thoughts are constantly jumping around but I’ve learned ways to keep my mind focused, so I can be more calm and productive.


1. Focus on your breath

Focusing on your breath brings your mind back to this present moment, because it’s the one thing that’s always constant and can be felt.

You can use your breath as a tool to be present with your thoughts and not to be on mind trips into the past, regretting things or thinking about things in the future but to actually be present with yourself.

There are few things that we can change about the past and there are few things we can know for certain about the future so why waste your energy dwelling on these things?


2. Feel the ground under your feet

I have this thing that I do when I find myself panicking about everything in my life – I recount all the things I know to be true about myself.

I say: my name is Vangile Makwakwa, my sister is Honey Makwakwa and I love her. It’s weird but I do that because it reminds me that I have people in the world that love me and that I love and even if everything is going wrong, they will still love me.

This brings me back to the present moment and reminds me to feel the ground under my feet, the air on my skin and notice the sounds around me.

When you do that you immediately become present.

Your senses are the doorway to presence. Being present is being aware of the moment as it is, without adding or subtracting from your experience.


3. Have self-compassion

Being kind and accepting of ourselves helps us release the past and focus on the present so we can focus on the future.

When we judge ourselves, we become our worst enemies and that makes us want to run from ourselves and escape our thoughts. This is the exact opposite of being present.

When we stop judging ourselves or the experiences we are having and we create free space in our minds - space to think differently and innovate.

Innovation is connected to a freedom spirit and an acceptance of the adventure of creating and adventure means you can fall off a cliff and climb back out again and go into unknown territory.

It’s a very different sense of being.


4. Learn how to forgive and let go of the past

When you hold onto the past, you live your life analysing your past mistakes and behaviours, which takes you away from the present moment.

Forgiving allows us to let go of the past teaches to accept human flaws and failure.

It’s easy to be pulled into the stories about the past, but releasing these stories helps you see the big picture - that life is a never ending process, not a destination with pit stops.


5. Meditate

I write way too much about meditation on this blog, but only because it works and does have amazing benefits like reducing stress and of course, thee one thing meditation does really well is - calm the mind.

What tools do you use to calm and focus your mind?

Let me know in the comments section below.