Can Switchwords Really Change Your Finances?


As a writer and speaker I’m all about words and sentences and making them rhyme or creating pictures with them to inspire people.

That’s why I love switch words - uttering one word over and over can change your entire reality and change your circumstances.

Switchwords were first published by James T Mangan in 1963; he wanted an easier way than positive affirmations (which I also blogged about) to tap into the subconscious mind.


How this all works


Switchwords use language to unite the subconscious and conscious mind to achieve a particular goal.

You don’t have to visualize anything because the use of language will trigger your brain to visualize the situation and experience.

Psychologists and Eastern philosophy (and most recently "The secret") have long been saying that we create our own existence through our thoughts.

Our external environment is merely a reflection of our internal environment and our thought processes.

Switchwords get the conscious and the subconscious mind to work together as a unit. So if your conscious mind wants to make money but your subconscious is saying you can’t do it, then you use a switchword that gets the subconscious to change its thinking process. This is the law of attraction.


How to use switchwords


Switchwords turn a switch on your brain so that you focus on a particular thing and draw it towards you using pure energy.

Every switchword uses language to enhance the feeling of an experience that you want. You can repeat them as often as you want or use them in everyday conversation.

Some results are instantaneous and others take a while.

I thought I’d end with some switchwords I live:

Ease - use for an easy commute Find - use when you want to build a fortune Count - use when you want to make money Divine - For miracles (you know I am using this one right?) Together - To do anything with mastery