Lerato's Story: How a Game Changed Her Relationship With Money

Creating Abundance
Creating Abundance

When I was going through my financial hell and having panic attacks and so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed, I’d read tons of personal stories about people who’d been where I was and had had breakthroughs.

These stories inspired me to keep going which is why Wealthy Money TV is also a platform for people with awesome transformative stories around money to come share their experiences.

In this week’s episode I interview Lerato Mmutle about how she changed her relationship with money after playing the rat race at the age of 22.

She went from being frustrated with money to being an avid investor.

Check out the video below

00:43: What is the rat race?

2:25: Was it strange to learn that money could be frustrated with you?

3:11: What options did explore when deciding to change this relationship?

3:36: What other psychological or emotional changes did you have to make with money?

6:13: After doing all the inner work and starting the money book, did you see a shift in your relationship with money?

7:48: If money was a lover, how would you describe your relationship right now?

What interesting shifts or insights about money have you had in your life?

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