Dealing with Emergency Expenses When Traveling & On the Road

Dealing with emergency expenses when traveling

Sri Lanka is turning into this heart opening and spiritual experience, most of which I will talk about in the next book, because to be honest, I'm still processing and absorbing all the lessons and the actual unfolding.


To be honest, 2017 has been a revelation in trusting money and the work that I do.

When I looked at my travel plans in December 2016, I wasn't sure I could pull all this off: flying from South Korea to South Africa, vacationing for 3 weeks, then flying back to South Korea for a week, then flying to Sri Lanka and vacationing and doing tantra work for 20 days and then flying back to South Korea for 4 weeks and then Dubai.

And still do Wealthy Money work in the process of all this - host workshops, live classes etc. and keep Wealthy Money running. Phew!

Wealthy Money workshop

Oh...did I mention that during this time the plumbing in my apartment in Cape Town also went belly up and the plumbers literally had to spend a whole day digging through the floor to fix it so my tenants could be comfortable? And at the same time the exhaust on my car fell off (like for real that happened) and needed to be replaced (when I was in Cape Town). All of which were unexpected expenses!!!

I almost died when I saw the cost of all this flying and traveling and I honestly had doubts if my budget could cover all this especially since I don't own a credit card and I pay for everything cash. 

It felt like I was drowning in emergency expenses!!

At some point I said F*** it, turned into a student started doing the Creating Money Magic eCourse again.

Anyway I think, the fact that I'm still breathing and happy is proof that the course is an awesome resource.

Because things did shift, but for the shifts to happen and for me to remain calm and trust the unfolding, I had to do the work, namely the eCourse meditations and exercises.

But don't take my word for's what one of the Money Magic students shared in the Facebook group yesterday:

Creating money magic testimony

What will your life look like 6 months from now?

The decisions you make in the present moment, inform your financial shifts and your relationship with money in the future.

Emergency expenses will arise, you will set impossible goals and you will feel overwhelmed by them - that's life.

The key is to have the tools to deal with all these financial changes.

We always assume that tomorrow will be better, but for things to shift, we have to take action and create that shift.