The Most Important Financial & Spiritual Lesson I've Learned

Me, getting henna done in India before my friend's wedding

Me, getting henna done in India before my friend's wedding

In August 2015, I learned the most important financial and spiritual lesson of my life. 

Here's how that came about.

I'd gone to India for a friend's wedding in Dehli and decided to spend my last week in Rishikesh so I could dip my feet in the Ganges.

And to celebrate this auspicious event (apparently dipping your feet in the Ganges is very auspicious) I’d booked myself into a lovely hotel with all the bells and whistles, including room service.
The only problem?
The hotel didn't have a proper shower or a bath. It only had a detachable shower head and bucket.

The hotel also didn't have a balcony or a view.
My last place in Dheli had had the same set up, which is why I’d booked a hotel in the first place.
At first I thought I was just being a snob and maybe I'd get used to it after a few days and it was so much effort to get a rickshaw and book into another hotel…
But then I woke up with an amazing spiritual insight the next morning and thought –

How often have I compromised on my vision and my life because I believe have the time?

In that moment I realised that we all take time for granted – we believe that we’ll always have time.
I checked out of my hotel and went to a different hotel, which had a garden, a shower and a view of the Ganges! And better yet - it cost half the price of the other hotel!


View of the Ganges River in Rishikesh

View of the Ganges River in Rishikesh

We know we’re eternal beings but this lifetime isn’t eternal, and yet we fool ourselves into believing that it is.


We say – we’ll follow our dreams in another year or 2 and when a year passes, we’re still in the same position.

This life is fleeting and even when we incarnate it will never be into this moment. 
Waiting before we follow our dreams doesn’t increase the chances of them manifesting in the future – our actions in this moment change our future.
In the same way, our relationship with money; won’t miraculously change with time unless we change…

If you have a dream for your life you owe it to yourself to pursue it; which is why I really recommend reading Heart, Mind & Money, to help you master any fear or resistance you have about pursuing your dream.

Sometimes we think it will take too much time and effort to get the things we want. But what if we’re wrong?
What if it takes more effort to remain anxious and worried about money than it does to change our lives?