5 Reasons Why South Africa Is a KickA** Place to Vacation

5 Reasons why South Africa is a great Place to Vacation

A few weeks ago I felt South Korea to go home to South Africa to show Lori, a friend of mine from Boston, MA around the country.

The last time I saw Lori was in 2011, when I boarded the plane to South Africa and I’ve always told her – of all the countries I’ve visited, South Africa is the most beautiful country I’ve ever set foot on.

Of course, I know that I’m biased because I’m South African but I really wanted to share some of the things from our trip so I figured I might as well share why South Africa is an awesome Vacation spot:

1. Cape Town is amazing and has the coolest food places

I actually can’t write about the food in Cape Town, without hating the fact that I don’t live there because with places like Raw&Roxy and Plant; Cape Town is vegan heaven.

And it has some of the coolest retro coffee shops.

Retro coffee shops in Cape Town

2. Epic Landscapes and mountains


Most people talk about Table Mountain, which is a tourist attraction and awesome.

Table mountain

Much as I love Table Mountain, I think Mpumalanga has some of the most gorgeous mountains. The view on the way to the Kruger National Park is something worth seeing. At some point Lori just put away her camera and said, people would just have to see everything for themselves.

3. There’s nothing like an African sunrise or sunset

Something kind of crazy happened on this vacation – my dad told me to drive from Joburg to Cape Town, through the Garden Route. I’ve done thedrive from Joburg to Cape Town and vice versa a million times before, but for some reason I’d never taken the Garden Route.

And of course I got lost. In fact it took us 3 days, instead of 14 hours, to reach Cape Town. I literally drove 48 hours to get to the Cape.

But because of this – we had to wake up super early every morning and late in the evenings so we got to stop along the way and take pictures and videos of the most glorious sunrises and sunsets.

 4. It’s cliché but…Safaris

When I was growing up, my dad loved taking us on safari and I hated it. As an adult I would lose my s*** whenever someone even mentioned the word safari.

But since this was Lori’s first time on the continent and she’d never been on safari before, I figured I could make an exception and get over my issues for 2 days. And I’m glad I did because turns out, going on safari as an adult and wine, is way more fun than going on safari with parents as a kid.

South African safari
South African Safaris Giraffe

5. Of course it’s about the wine

I feel I should state that I don’t drink that much. I don’t have a real reason – I just like sobriety.

But the wine in Cape Town is good enough to make me abandon my love of sobriety.

Of course this is easy to do when towns like Franschoek provide wine trams for people to hop on and hop off and do wine tastings at various wine farms.

Franschoek wine farm

I know I’m biased but if you’re still considering what to go next on vacation, I recommend South Africa.

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Feel free to comment below!