Releasing Resistance & The Fear of Success

Release resistance
Release resistance

What if your vision scares the living Jesus out of you?

What if the thought of succeeding and making  your dreams a reality makes you want to run for the hills?

First let me say: Congratulations.

You’re moving out of your comfort zone and it's scary!

I often struggle with my desire to self-sabotage when I look at my life and the goals I've yet to achieve.

Of course when I’m writing the vision, I’m all excited and happy, but when it comes time to taking action, I can just freeze and spend days, even weeks, procrastinating.

And sometimes the resistance isn't even about taking action - it's about allowing abundance in and being open to receive.

There are days, when I can emotionally feel myself resisting the good that's coming into my life.

I can feel myself wanting to play small and curl up in the corner when awesome stuff starts to happen.

Of course my fear of success is often wrapped up in my desire to blame people in my past for my failure.

Every success, chips away at my victim mentality and forces me to own my power and see that only I'm responsible for my life. This is still a difficult process for me.

How can you release resistance and let go of the fear of success?

Use your body to help you release resistance.

Your body is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. And the body never lies.

Close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing, let your mind settle and slowly bring your awareness to your body.

Once your mind is settled and you’re present in your body, ask your guides or your subconscious mind to show you where the resistance to your vision sits in your body.

Don't react to the sensations that come up.

Bring your focus to where the sensation sits in your body and ask the following questions out loud:

  1. What emotion is causing this sensation?
  2. What thought is causing this emotion?
  3. What becomes possible for me and my life without this thought?

I can’t stress the importance of not reacting to whatever comes up and just letting the answers come from your heart, not your head.

Sit with these questions until you can start see new possibilities and ways of being.


Almost every enlightened teacher or Buddha has said the said the same thing through the centuries: if you want to release resistance - meditate.

Meditation helps us to let go of the fear that's causing the resistance in our lives and holding us back. Because all that resistance is, is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of our own greatness...

Let me know how it goes in the comments section below

Do you struggle with the fear of success?

How does the fear of success hold you back?

Let me know what comes up from this exercise and if you have any questions.