What If You Had No Bank Cards & Lived Only On Cash?

What if you received your entire salary in coins? Yeah, that actually happened in South Africa this month!

I was recently asked by Sanlam to comment on their One Rand Man Campaign (now you know why I’m sharing this – shameless self-promotion), which is a campaign where a man gives up all his bank and credit cards and lives on cash for the whole month.

But that’s not all - he receives all his salary in R1 coins and has to use those coins to get around.

Check out the video for his first week living without credit:

Here’s my expert response: (yes, I was actually that overwhelmed just thinking of him counting all those coins. Who has the time?)

 The second week of the journey:

Now check out the last week of the One Rand Man's journey:

What are your thoughts?

Would you be able to live on cash and no credit for a whole month?

Let me know in the comments section below.