Gratitude: The Key Ingredient In Wealth Creation


Apart from meditation, the one thing that's changed my life and continues to do so, is keeping a gratitude journal and constantly reminding myself to feel gratitude.

Whenever I feel stuck, I do a week of EFT Tapping, just on the things I'm grateful for and within a few days a shift happens.

My EFT Gratitude sessions are miraculous. I once did a 3 month challenge on my own and literally scared myself silly with how dramatically my life changed.

Almost every wealthy person from Oprah to Maya Angelou, attributes their success to gratitude and the ability to celebrate what they already have in their life.

Talk to any law of attraction teacher, and they will all tell you that gratitude is the secret ingredient to success.

Gratitude matters

People value sincere words of thanks more than awards and ceremonies.

People can “feel” our emotions.

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy, 5000 times greater than the brain’s electromagnetic energy.

The heart’s electromagnetic energy can be detected from a few feet away using a magnetometer.

When 2 people are in conversation, the heart has the ability to influence the other person’s brain rhythms and therefore their thinking and behavioural patterns.

If we feel deep negative energy in our hearts we can repel people. If we feel deep gratitude for someone, we’re able to connect with them deeply.

How to practice gratitude

1. Openly praise people

Curb your criticism and openly praise people.

In the corporate world this makes you unique and a true leader because you’ll encourage the heart.

Award ceremonies are great of course but they aren’t personal, in fact they’re formal and scripted and lack that heart to heart connection.

2. Appreciate different situations and people, as and when they appear

Every time people do something take a minute to appreciate them and thank them.

Wouldn’t you want to be around someone who actually took the time to thank you for something specific you did?

A friend of mine works for an art gallery, and she recently confessed that she’ll work harder to sell an artist’s work if they’ve expressed their appreciation to her. She’s happy with a simple thank you.

3. Smile

People interpret our mood by our facial and body expressions.

Even our brain interprets our moods by our facial expressions. When we smile our brain registers this as happiness and we automatically start to feel grateful.

4. Give back to society

Giving back to society is a way of showing gratitude, what’s good for society is good for business.

Do you have a gratitude practice?

How has t changed your life?

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